August Ellie wear box

Good Morning!!!
Guess what came in the mail?
Well, the August Ellie Box did!!!
Remember a few weeks ago I told you about coming across an advertisement for Ellie...showing a workout outfit for $49.95 and it came with exercise equipment.....

Well, this month they gave you the option of getting the outfit and equipment or just the outfit.

Outfit and Equipment Box is $49.95 and just the outfit is $39.95

A great deal either way I think!

Cause seriously... it's hard to find a workout outfit less than $100 much less one piece of the outfit causing less than the total of the whole outfit you get in you box!

Audrey was insisting on being in my pictures... so here she is.. 

Now this shiny bag showed up.... SO EXCITING!!!

Leggings they have a grey and black design... perfect to wear with anything! 

Tank top.. in a reddish color 

Sports bra in the grey and red color.

Also got this cute shiny bag along with everything!!!

The outfit fits so good and is a favorite of mine for sure!!!

TV Talk

Bringing back shows....
So we got to see Gilmore Girls brought back and I was quite disappointed....
Will and Grace will be back in the fall...
It made me think what shows would I like to see brought back?
Well immediately I would say Buffy The Vampire Slayer... But could that show really be brought back?
I mean The vampires have kinda aged and well vampires don't.... Sarah Michelle Geller I'm sure could still kick butt as Buffy!
I miss that Strong Female Role being shown on TV. 
Lets be honest, Supergirl doesn't give me that I'm ready to go save the world feeling....
Now on Smallville, with Laura Vandervoot playing Supergirl I totally felt that feeling.
Speaking of Laura... Her show Bitten I don't feel like got enough air time... I need more of that show for sure!
The next TV Show I would bring back would be One Tree Hill!

Tree Hill would defiantly be a place I would like to get lost in again!

Only could we have Peyton back?

Peyton and Quinn together I bet would …

Active wear monthly subscription box

Good morning!
It seems like there's a monthly subscription box for everything these days...
Last month, I came across an advertisement for Ellie...showing a workout outfit for $49.95 and it came with exercise equipment.....
I said, "wow that's a great deal"...
"Gosh, you can't even buy pants for that"....
" Let me check the reviews"
Well, I did and I saw how many people were pleased with the subscription that well I went ahead and joined.
Cause lets be honest having a good outfit and make up makes you have confidence to go anywhere...
Any extra boost to get me to the gym... I'll take it!
I found out that the July box was totally made for me!!
 My favorite color coral was part of the collection!!
Now I'm going to show you what I got......

This sparkly box  was waiting for me the other day on the porch!!!

Opened it up and it was like Christmas for the gym lover!!!

Came with an Ab Wheel

Also a chilling towel... I can't wait to try th…

August Kudos

A few days ago I made a post about  how Younique was much more than just make up... 
The Younique Foundation was not created because Derek Maxfield and Melanie Maxfield Huscroft wanted to create another cosmetics company. There is a much deeper purpose behind the company and all of us who represent it.
Childhood sexual abuse is a hard thing to talk about, but it affects 1 in 5 children! 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys! And the affects of this abuse lasts an entire lifetime. The Younique Foundation and Younique Cosmetics was founded to bring an end to this abuse and to help heal those who have already been affected.
This month all of the August Kudos proceeds will go to the Younique Foundation.... If this Kudos sells out then 1000 women will be able to seek help and heal at the retreat!
I have a goal to sell at least 5 kudos this month!! #Nomore1in4 #beavoiceforchildhood
All colors are metallic to mimic the process of putting broken bowls back together with gold. This is a process done at the r…

Did you know Younique is more than just makeup?

I read a quote the other day and it still has me thinking....
Also, it made me think of Younique.
" One of the most courageous decisions you'll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul." - Brigitte Nicole
Many of you might not know but, Younique is much more than makeup and didn't start as a makeup business...
The Younique Foundation was funded by one of the CEOs of Younique Products, and it came before the makeup!
 The makeup was created to fund the foundation! 
Every purchase you make with a Younique presenter you can choose to round up to the nearest dollar, all of those proceeds go straight to the Younique Foundation. Or you can get on their website and donate there! 
Proceeds go to many things for the foundation, but one of the most important is the Haven Retreat. 
It's a 3 day stay in Utah where women who were sexually abused learn how to #ReclaimHope.
This haven is entirely funded by the Younique Foundation. It houses 90 women per month…


Good Morning!
How are you?


Applies like BUTTER. You can do ENDLESS coats without them clumping together. The length will BLOW YOUR MIND. It separates and curls your lashes! Wipes off in a jiffy with Shine Wipes. Holds up to a water being sprayed in your face NO PROBLEM. 
It's amazing!
I felt as if I was cheating though since being with Younique I have always had the 3 steps so doing this one step was crazy!
Still didn't bother my contacts...
Didn't hurt my eyes/ lashes after it was worn for a while....
Epic One step mascara will be available for purchase August 1st
You can join Younique and get that awesome Presenter's kit

Here are my results with one eye.... What a difference?! Hope you all enjoy your day! Are you wanting this One Step Mascara? <3 Ashley

ESTEEM Lash Serum from Younique

Good Morning!
Alright, so today I am going to share some information on one of the new Younique products!
Esteem Lash Serum
I mentioned yesterday that if you became a new presenter you would be able to have your hands on the brand new products before they were released to the public August 1st. 
Jump on that deal! 
If you are tired of your barely there lashes... well you are in for a treat because Esteem is a lash serum that is going to be your best friend!
It's an affordable yet simple solution That is going to help your natural lashes reach some serious heights with the serum that has been clinically proven to promote the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer looking lashes.
It will increase your lash volume up to 39% and your lash length by up to 29% after just 4 weeks of a twice a day application.
Esteem Lash Serum is going to cost you $42
Now how can you get your hands on it now?
Well as a customer you can get it August 1st....
As a Presenter... well mine is in the mail on it…