Thursday, January 25, 2018


Here is something I found to be so very interesting and yet so freaking powerful to me. 

Now, I joined Younique for the discount you get as a presenter and all after I fell in love with the 3D Fiber Mascara. 

The full lashes and the long lasting wear along with never having eyelashes on my face... made me super excited and in LOVE with the mascara..

It's been 2 years almost 3 now with Younique and although they have come out with an new Fiberless mascara that I use daily now.. it still one of our more known for products.

I tend to check out everyone's lashes and make up and so on... sorry it's now become a habit that honestly makes me feel a little stalkerish.. 

Alright so check this out!

Here are 3 different brands of Mascara... The actually brands are cut out cause well I'm not trying to shame them in that way... that's not the point of this... 

Okay so.. ALL THREE are advertising their mascara... ALL THREE paid BIG BIG BUCKS for these celebrities....

Do you notice they each say in fine print they have used LASH INSERTS?

So, That shows that instead of investing their money into their product like direct sales companies do, they have to pay people to advertise for them...

With Younique, you are seeing your neighbor...Friend...fellow church member...Class mate... People you see every day with their own "imperfections" Sharing their looks with these products!

We are the advertising for Younique!

Here's me.... One coat on the left eye of Epic Mascara!

Here is a look at my bare lashes.....One eye with one coat of Epic Mascara... then both with one coat!

If you want even fuller lashes you can add our 3D fiberlash Mascara! 

If you are wanting to order your mascara... click here

<3 Ashley

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goals for 2018

Honestly my theme for 2018 with be to just be BETTER!

Better than yesterday!

Better than last week!

Better than last year!

So here are 10 things to make this year Better!

  1. Healthier
  2. Become A Mom
  3. Buy A New Car
  4. Look Better At Work/ get to work earlier
  5. Get Oswald Into Training
  6. Go On More Adventures With The Fur Babies
  7. Do Better With Younique
  8. Blog More Exciting Things
  9. Save More Money
  10. Improve My House Wife Duties


I'm over telling ya'll that I want to lose this amount of weight because with the workout routine and eating I was doing... I found that the scale never moved but my clothes were loose...I felt better, more energized, Happy, and clean feeling.

So, I would like to get back into it and just stay being healthy because it feels way better than the buffet of dinners I have been having here lately. 

Become A Mom:

Actually something that has been trying to happen for 4 months now and well.. haven't had any luck.  This month I am wanting to get back on the healthy train and see where it takes me.

Buy A New Car:

Going to need a new one to safely transport Baby Jones around. I'm interested in getting the RAV 4. I'm a Toyota fan.

Look Better At Work:

I have been lazy in the morning and showing up in hoodies and no makeup... 

So, I want that to change and get back to the "dress to impress" Girl I am!

Train Oswald:

Oswald is a good listener but I would like for him to go through all the training Audrey did and I haven't really worked with him that much so I feel he has been cheated of that.

Fur Baby Adventures:

I would love to find more places to take the Fur babies!


Do Better with Younique... I need to post more on my pages... Do more HOW-TO Videos....

I want to ear that trip to MEXICO!!

Plus it's a great way for me to help buy adding some extra money to our life and also every order I put in this year I am going to click that Round up option and donate to the Younique Foundation


I need to post more fun things not just Younique on here but more lifestyle things... Right?  

I need to post more frequently! 

I want to get more comments on here!

Save Money:

Save more money would be great since I want to buy and new car and be a mom... So not only save more money from my paychecks..... but Coupon more as well!

Then Save those SAVINGS!

I would like to remember to use Ebates and Ibotta... and not after I make the purchases!

If anyone knows of any other Couponing tips or apps I should get... PLEASE share those with me! 


House Wife: 

I have become lazy with helping keep the house clean and all.  I need to work on that... Oops!

What are your goals this year?

Are you looking to be BETTER too?

What would make you better than your were yesterday?

Comment below and let me know!!

<3 Ashley

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January Younique Kudos!

Happy 2018!

Can't believe it's January!

New Month New Kudos!

This one has me MIND BLOWN!

Of course I am super excited because it's lip products!!

But these...

These lip products I have never heard of...

A powder form lip product..

Have you heard of such a thing?

Younique is always teaching me new things about the makeup world!

It's so awesome!

Here's what I know so far about the Kudos

Moodstruck Crush is their name.... Lip powder featuring encapsulated water technology that transforms from powder to cream instantly! 

Here are your 3 colors you will receive in the Kudos

I am absolutely intrigued!

I can't wait to try these out!

Plus don't these colors make you think of Valentines day?

Are you interested?

Grab your Kudos Now!!

<3 Ashley

2018 Is Going to be a GREAT year!

Happy New Year!!

Are you looking to get things done this year?

Well if you were at all thinking of joining Younique....

The time to sign up with Younique is now!!!

The next 2 months you are going to be able to chose from 2 presenter's kits... Both $99

Kit 1 (Skincare)🙈 value of $330
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ rose water toning spritz
⚫️UPLIFT® beauty serum
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ pore purifying cleanser
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ hydrating day cream
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ exfoliating mask
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ oil control mask
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ applicator
Mask Samples: 
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ detoxifying mask (2)
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ exfoliating mask (2), 
⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ oil control mask (2)

Kit 2 (Products)💄 value of $347
⚫️MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+™ lash enhancer
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® eye primer
⚫️MOODSTRUCK PRECISION™ pencil eyeliner - Perfect
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow quad palette
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Agile
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Antsy
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Optimistic
⚫️MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill – Slick
⚫️MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow - Faithful
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ lash comb/brow brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ deluxe eye brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ liner/shader brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ cream shadow brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ blending brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ angled shadow/sponge brush
⚫️YOUNIQUE™ crease brush
⚫️MOODSTRUCK PRECISION™ pencil sharpener
Mask Samples: ⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ detoxifying mask (2), YOUNIQUE ⚫️ROYALTY™ exfoliating mask (2), ⚫️YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ oil control mask (2)

Signing up now will also get you 222 trip points and $22 y cash when you sign up. If you sponsor someone you will get the trip points as well for sponsoring! 

Trip points?

Oh yes! I don't know about you but I am going to be going to MEXICO in October! 

 MOON PALACE in Cancun Mexico

YOUNIQUE booked the ENTIRE RESORT for our yearly incentive trip


7 pools, 22 restaurants, 24 hour room service, waterslides and a double jacuzzi bathtub in every room!

Over 70% of last years trip earners were FIRST TIMERS meaning new people are earning it every year!

Qualification period has started now and goes from Jan to June. SO who's coming with me?

I am just going to keep staring at this picture as... We are having temps in the single digits here in Virginia.... I'd rather be in Mexico!

Are you going to go with me?

<3 Ashley


Here is something I found to be so very interesting and yet so freaking powerful to me.  Now, I joined Younique for the discount you ge...