Friday, October 13, 2017

Falling in love with my decor


Good Morning!!!

Happy Friday!!

Ewww Friday the 13th!!!

Today I wanted to share how cute my front porch has become!

To me, Fall is all about Football. My husband and I are playing Fantasy Football and well I was born a Redskin fan. 

Well there's no doubt that me coming from the house hold I grew up in with the porch decorated for Football season and even a Redskin Christmas tree this there would be anything different in my house.... Well we haven't gotten the Redskins Christmas tree yet.... But we now have the Front porch decorated and I couldn't be more excited!

Now, I was going to share this post a while ago but I didn't want to hear the back lash of still being a football fan when there are players in the organization being disrespectful.

I am a fan of the game! A player can come and go from the team I picked to follow or well was born into following.... So yes I continue to watch The Game!

With that said... Here is what made my porch Fall like this year!

With Mums the colors of The Redskins
A Monogram Football
Redskins Ribbon
and a garden flag...

I'm absolutely IN LOVE!!!

Of course Audrey and Oswald have to be featured as well.....

Audrey of course being the real model!

Tell me what you think?

Do you decorate for Football season as well?

Thanks so much for reading my post!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

<3 Ashley

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Look Created With Younique Products: Palette 1 and Splurge


Good Morning!!

I want to share this make up look with you all!

Products you will need to create this look:

Eye Primer
Palette 1 color Chipper
Splurge cream shadow Victorious
Splurge cream brush
Crease brush
Angled shadow/ sponge brush ( using angled side)
Blending brush

Now to actually see a how to of this look you can visit my group page  I do some get ready with my live videos and this is actually a look I tend to use every day!

The great thing about this eye look is you can choose any lip color you want to go with.

Now this eye look is perfect for doing an all nude look...

Like I did here with using Vanilla Milkshake Lip Bon Bon

 Or go with a bold lip color like I did here using  Liquid Splash Color Stately 

Now I can't get over the Splurge cream! Victorious is such a must have Splurge Cream Shadow to get. Not only can you use it as your eye shadow but it's a perfect color to use for an under eye concealer and well as creating an ombre look for your lips!

If you have any questions about the products please feel free to comment below and I will get them answered for you!!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products or want to browse through the AMAZING products 

Hope you all have an AWESOME day!!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Ashley

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Football Season is Back: Kick Off To the Season!!

Good Morning!

Are you watching the clock even more today than normal? 

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!!

duh duh duhhhh duh duh duh duhhh duh duh duh duhhhhhhhh


Tonight Football season is officially BACK!!!

Are you ready to kiss your Husbands or your wives good bye for the season?

Can't you tell I'm excited?

It's really the only thing about Fall that I love!

Game day!

 Game day!!

 Game day!!! 

Like I told ya'll in my last post... Kris and I are playing Fantasy Football so that's bringing on all kinds of excitement!!!

We have submitted our teams and we are ready to face each other this week. 

Tonight New England and Kansas play!

I bet that will be a good game!

My Fantasy Quarter back and Defense play so I will be keeping a close eye on them tonight!


Audrey and Oswald are Ready for some football..... Are you?

Share with us your Game day traditions!

Also, What team are you rooting for?

Be on the look out for more posts to come sharing:

Game day food

Game day Make up looks with those AWESOME Younique products I love

And some Decorations that have come about thanks to my love for Football and the Washington Redskins!

Whoot Whoot!

<3 Ashley

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Football Season Is BACK : Fantasy Football

Good Morning!

Football Season is Back!

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!

My husband decided he wanted to get into the sport more since I am a fan so we are playing Fantasy Football!

Which we had talked about it while we were eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and they were showing one of the NFL games and I didn't really push the subject... cause well he's not really a fan.

A week later, next thing I know is he looks at me and says, "Umm Hey, when is our draft?" 

Like whoa!

Come to find out he had been researching players and such.... He was ready!

I jumped right up and got it all set up... contacted our friends and we got the draft a rolling...

I found out he has been listening to me when we have watched games and I have talked about different players.

He was picking them for his team!

I had the best time during the draft because he got so nervous and kept saying....

"What do I do?"

 "Who should I pick next?"

Have to say I'm pretty Lucky and pretty proud of him!

We actually play against each other for week 1!!

Here's how our teams look:

My Team is named : Reed Between The Lines

Here are the starters:

QB: Tom Brady - NE
RB: Rob Kelly - WAS
RB: Dalvin Cook - MIN
WR: A.J. Green - CIN
WR: Larry Fitzgerald - ARI
TE: Martellus Bennett - GB
W/R Terrelle Pryor - WAS 
K: Mason Crosby - GB
DEF: Chiefs

My Husband's Team is : Show Me The TD's

Here are the starters:

QB: Aaron Rodgers- GB
RB: Jonathan Stewart - CAR
RB: Devonta Freeman - ATL
WR: Pierre Garcon - SF
WR: T.Y. Hilton - IND
TE: Jordan Reed - WAS
W/R Lamar Miller - HOU
K: Matt Bryant - ATL
DEF: Falcons

How do you think we will do?

Who do you think will win this week?

I will let you know how Week 1 results play out!

I'm excited!

Whoot Whoot!

<3 Ashley

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August Ellie wear box

Good Morning!!!

Guess what came in the mail?

Well, the August Ellie Box did!!!

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about coming across an advertisement for Ellie...showing a workout outfit for $49.95 and it came with exercise equipment.....

Well, this month they gave you the option of getting the outfit and equipment or just the outfit.

Outfit and Equipment Box is $49.95 and just the outfit is $39.95

A great deal either way I think!

Cause seriously... it's hard to find a workout outfit less than $100 much less one piece of the outfit causing less than the total of the whole outfit you get in you box!

Audrey was insisting on being in my pictures... so here she is.. 

Now this shiny bag showed up.... SO EXCITING!!!

Leggings they have a grey and black design... perfect to wear with anything! 

Tank top.. in a reddish color 

Sports bra in the grey and red color.

Also got this cute shiny bag along with everything!!!

The outfit fits so good and is a favorite of mine for sure!!!

That's 2 boxes so far that haven't disappointed me!

I can't wait for September's Box!!! 

<3 Ashley

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TV Talk

Bringing back shows....

So we got to see Gilmore Girls brought back and I was quite disappointed....

Will and Grace will be back in the fall...

It made me think what shows would I like to see brought back?

Well immediately I would say Buffy The Vampire Slayer... But could that show really be brought back?

I mean The vampires have kinda aged and well vampires don't.... Sarah Michelle Geller I'm sure could still kick butt as Buffy!

I miss that Strong Female Role being shown on TV. 

Lets be honest, Supergirl doesn't give me that I'm ready to go save the world feeling....

Now on Smallville, with Laura Vandervoot playing Supergirl I totally felt that feeling.

Speaking of Laura... Her show Bitten I don't feel like got enough air time... I need more of that show for sure!

The next TV Show I would bring back would be One Tree Hill!

Tree Hill would defiantly be a place I would like to get lost in again!

Only could we have Peyton back?

Peyton and Quinn together I bet would be so funny!

Of course, I want to see Brooke and Peyton back together as the BFF's we love!

Also, Chris Keller is a must!!

Alright so those are the shows I want back:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
One Tree Hill

What would be your Bring back TV Show?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Active wear monthly subscription box

Good morning!

It seems like there's a monthly subscription box for everything these days...

Last month, I came across an advertisement for Ellie...showing a workout outfit for $49.95 and it came with exercise equipment.....

I said, "wow that's a great deal"...

"Gosh, you can't even buy pants for that"....

" Let me check the reviews"

Well, I did and I saw how many people were pleased with the subscription that well I went ahead and joined.

Cause lets be honest having a good outfit and make up makes you have confidence to go anywhere...

Any extra boost to get me to the gym... I'll take it!

I found out that the July box was totally made for me!!

 My favorite color coral was part of the collection!!

Now I'm going to show you what I got......

This sparkly box  was waiting for me the other day on the porch!!!

Opened it up and it was like Christmas for the gym lover!!!

Came with an Ab Wheel

Also a chilling towel... I can't wait to try that out!

then in this sparkly bag was what i was most excited for.....

Sports bra in a charcoal grey with black outlining.... 

Hair ties that matched the outfit

A tank top that is not form fitting... Thank goodness there is room to breathe!!!

Then a pair of leggings!

I am very pleased with this outfit! I am going to wear it to the gym tonight to test it out!

They were really good with the sizing and you can change from Box to box... they ask each time and tell you how the sizes run. 

Just think I got a 3 piece matching outfit for $49.95!!!

I mean for real what an awesome deal that is...

Now this month you get options with the August collection Box....

You can get the outfit for $39.95

or you can get the outfit and equipment for $49.95

If you are interested in getting your own box visit the website here

Let me know that you think!

I am totally going to get the August Box... That outfit is super cute too!

Now to find new shoes to match...... uh oh... this might be bad... 

Maybe I should go to the gym first....

Have An Awesome Day!!!

<3 Ashley

Falling in love with my decor

Hello! Good Morning!!! Happy Friday!! Ewww Friday the 13th!!! Today I wanted to share how cute my front porch has become! To me...